Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ann's Hummingbird

Ann's Hummingbird
Ann's Hummingbird
Ann's Hummingbird
Believe it or not these are all hummingbirds. The Ann's Hummingbird. I got so close to these hummingbirds that some of them are blurry, I only showed some clear ones. This morning I was planning to take pictures and videos of sparrows, finches and doves. While I heard a chipping sound. I thought it was a Northern Cardinal or a Pyruloxia. Then I heard a buzzing sound. So I figured it was a hummingbird. Then I spotted it on the hummingbird feeder. It was trying to perch but it couldn't. So it finished its drink and flew to perch on a nearby bush. Then I followed it and toke a step and picture, step and picture until I got these crisp pictures above. It was an amazing experience when I was standing just a few inches away from the bird. And now a joke.
Knock knock
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you going
to comment on
this post???!!!
Ha ha ha!
He he he!


Ruth said...

Wow! Imagine being that close to a perched hummingbird. I have seldom seen one that was not flying. I like the colours that show on the last picture.
Funny knock knock...

mon@rch said...

wow, such amazing photos!! I have only seen an anna's once before and isn't it amazing how vocal they are? Great work!

Birdman said...
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omalois said...

Birdman I'm proud of the great photos you are taking. It takes a lot of patience to photograph birds ...and hummingbirds move soooo quickly.

Mom said...

Great pictures Sam!!!
(Sorry Birdman I mean)
Your new camera takes nice pictures.

Ruth said...

Hi there again... In the Sibley Guide I see this is called an Anna's Hummingbird (page 298 of my new book) Perhaps it is called Anna and Ann's.

mon@rch said...

Sorry, didn't notice you were missing the a in it! Yes, the proper spelling for this hummingbird is Anna's Hummingbird!

Birdman said...

omalois-Thank you, I agree. Hummingbirds are fast fliers.

mom-Thank you.

ruth-I think mon@rch is right. Or they could be the same.

mon@rch-Ok, thanks for the tip!